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Realtime Charts for Torque Pro

1.99 usd

Realtime Charts is a plugin for the Torque Pro App and is the perfect tool for the automotive hobbyist, professional or DIY mechanic who wants to monitor, tune, diagnose or analyze their vehicle's performance. This plugin app allows the user to graph multiple engine sensors (i.e. RPM, Speed, MPG, HP, Torque, up to 8 different PIDs (On-board diagnostics Parameter IDs)) simultaneously in real-time on an Android phone or tablet. The software graphs each engine senor as a "series" on your Android device, allowing for in depth monitoring of the vehicle's performance. You can create your own custom charts (up to 100), specifying the sensors, sampling frequency, chart colors, series attributes, and much more. You can create stunning screen shots to share on social media and automotive forums.Share your charts with us at:
Twitter: @Realtime_Charts
If you get a DOWNLOAD ERROR, please read this to fix the issue.
1. A wireless OBD 2 adapter for your car. 2. The "Torque Pro" app needs to be installed on your device. This is a plugin app for Torque Pro App.Visit Ian Hawkins' Torque Site for help with Torque setup and this install video to learn about setting up your OBD-2 device.
Realtime Charts App Features: - Monitor and graph up to 8 engine sensors (PIDs) in real-time - Create stunning screen shots to share on social media and automotive forums - Save settings for up to 100 custom charts - Save data to device and load for later review. - Auto-pause chart option when the vehicle is stopped. - Auto-save trip data option when the vehicle is shut off or user ends session. - Scroll and zoom charts with finger tips or zoom buttons - Simple chart and series setup. - Settable sampling frequency from 250ms to 10 seconds. - Time of day X axis labels - Session pause and resume with time compensation - Auto-scaling or fixed y-axis - Add and delete sensors from running charts. - Change series and chart attributes (color, lines, ...) on running charts - Dynamic scaling of series datapoint (0.01x, 0.1x, 1x, 10x, 100x, ...) - Graph running averages for engine senors - Upper and lower engine sensor value limits - Preferred Torque Unit Support (English or Metric units) - Simple or custom color selection tools - Export Excel CSV data files - Simulation mode lets you design charts without an ECU connection - Preloaded sample charts
Supported Android Versions: V2.3 (GingerBread) and above. Tested on Motorola Electrify running V2.3 (Gingerbread) and Samsung Tab 4 running V4.4 (KitKat) using OBDLink MX Bluetooth Scan Tool (OBD 2 adapter) from
For high resolution charts, @Realtime_Charts recommends adapters!
V1.2- Settings option to force device to stay awake while collecting data- Option to make a copy of an existing chart to speed up set up- Option for draw order of lines
V1.3 - Refined "Keep Device Awake" logic to allow device to sleep when ECU is disconnected - Fixed "Config Chart" and "Config Sensor" preferences to return to the previous preference screen
V1.4- Enhanced shadow fill to work for negative values and reflect on the x-axis- Share your charts configurations with friends- Check to skip auto-save for short trips- Multiple options for chart legends- Automatic trip storage space management
V1.5- Fix minor crash in app
V1.8- Fixed issue for Samsung Galaxy TabS 10.5" due to larger screen resolution